TOYOTA 5 Speed Quantum Gearbox

Toyota Motor Corporation uses many different transmissions in their products. They can be divided into different families.The A-series are 2 to 8-speed automatic transmissions for front wheel drive, all wheel drive, or rear wheel drive use built by Aisin-Warner.

TOYOTA 5 Speed Quantum Gearbox

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  • TOYOTA 5 Speed Quantum Gearbox. Contents1Automatic1.1A-series1.2U-series2CVT2.1K-series3Manual3.1C-series3.2E-series3.3EB-series3.4EC-series3.5G-series3.6H-series3.7J-series3.8K-series3.9L-series3.10P-series3.11R-series3.12RA-series3.13RC-series3.14S-series3.15T-series3.16W-series3.17V-series4Hybrid4.1P-series (HSD)4.2L-series (HSD)5See also6References7External linksAutomatic[edit]A-series[edit]Main article: Toyota A transmissionThe A-series are 2 to 8-speed automatic transmissions for front wheel drive, all wheel drive, or rear wheel drive use built by Aisin-Warner.Models:Axx RWD 2-, 3-, and 4-speedA1xx FWD 3- and 4-speedA2xx FWD 4-speedA3xx RWD/4WD truckA4xx RWD/4WD truckA5xx FWDA6xx RWD/4WD 5-speedA7xx RWD/AWD/4WD truckA8xxA9xx RWDAAxx RWDAB6xx RWD/4WD truckAC6xx RWD/4WDAExx 4WDU-series[edit]Main article: Toyota U transmissionThe U-series is an automatic transmission for front wheel drive applications.Models:U1xxU2xxU3xxU66xCVT[edit]K-series[edit]Main article: Toyota K CVT transmissionThe K-series are CVT transmissions for front wheel drive.Models:K110 FWDK111 FWDK112 FWDK210 FWDK310 FWDK311 FWDK410 FWDK41A FWDK41B FWDK411 FWD

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